Its been a while... again!

Hope anyone reading this is keeping safe in this continuing covid madness. I got my two vaccines in the Summer so am waiting on my booster.  Health wise I've been, touch wood, ok! Usual levels of pain and fatigue nothing added on. I did get two pieces of good news since last time I posted though.  Firstly my kidney, while shriveled up, is working at 80% so no need to worry for the time being also somehow over the months the bits of stone left have passed so I'm stone free which surprised me as I still get pain in my kidney area but the actually nice and patient doctor I saw in July said its probably residual pain to do with my fibromyalgia. He was so good and went though my old scans etc. to show me the differences in my kidney before and after everything. They'll be keeping an eye on my kidney yearly for more issues and stones and to watch the cyst I have on the same kidney. Other kidney is fine. Secondly the ulcer and clot I had in my aorta for still no apparent reason ha

Don’t forget

Don’t forget I can be strong, I have been strong. Whether head high or tucked inside myself, Cocooning to get through. Even on the days that felt unreal, nightmarish with fear, darkness and pain. Struggling for every breath. I have danced along the tightrope of survival, Arms out wide to balance; arms in close to hold myself together even as parts of me fell away; forever. Onward even at a crawl, the depths conquered inch by inch step by hard earn step. I am brave even when I don’t feel it, even as the tears prickle. I am. Don’t forget. Kayt

Its been a while....

 Woaps its been a while since I updated this thing!  Well were still all under the covid shower not so patiently waiting on vaccines to arrive. Personally this year has been so so for my medical wise, nothing major but still seems never ending some days. At the end of last year I had to have more rare disease blood tests and immediately afterwards CAT scans of my chest and my kidney area. Unfortunately I have SHIT veins, really shit veins. They finally got the blood out with a butterfly needle (the smallest one they hate using lol) and off I went to have the scans. Unfortunately, again, Id not realized foolishly I'd need contrast for the chest scan and so they started trying to find a vein. Id been told to fast and started to get a little light headed (masks do not help in these instances) as they dug about in my arm trying unsuccessfully to find a vein and I had to lay down. Anyone who has spent anytime in hospital or worked in them knows there is always the magic vein getting per


At about 8.00pm this day last year having had a procedure on my kidney I began to cough in recovery, when I did so I would pee a little which isn’t something that happens me normally. At about 8.30 I realised though I could feel my leg I couldn’t move it at all. I honestly didn’t think to much about cause my body is odd but thankfully Dave told a nurse who called for a doctor . By the time he arrived I could no longer move my arm an ambulance was called and took 2 hours to a rrive. I remember that ambulance ride, the driver was going so fast that every time her had to hit the breaks I felt as it my brain would pop out the top of my skull. I was brought straight to resus. My blood pressure was through the roof and my oxygen level was ridiculously low. I don’t remember much after about that night that just faces I didn’t know moving over me, being lifted into various machines, not being able to breathe, Dave talking to me. I remember hearing them tell him they could only give me the clot

Brain pan squishness.

Almost a year on from my brain pan squishness.  Almost every night before I go to sleep little things come to me and honestly make me cry.  Here are some of those things over the last couple of weeks.  waking up that first morning confused as to where I was and why I couldn’t move. Daves scared face looking at me in the ambulance as I was blue lighted to the Mater Hospital. My family’s faces looking pale, tired and terrified the first time they saw me. Staring at the ceiling the first day when my family and Dave were gone and saying over and over, “this is not happening” Not being able to breath and coughing up blood (hospital acquired pneumonia from the surgery) People lifting my right arm and dropping it over and over as I couldn’t hold it up but it hurt so much every time it landed Being so thirsty while waiting on an MRI Left alone for 45 mins and being two feet from the cooler, may as well have been in space. Being held down while they preformed a

Update on stent and craziness that is Covid 19

Have been meaning to update this but here I am now. So my stent surgery went ahead on the 9th of March. All the nurses and drs were so kind and understanding at my many crying sessions before the surgery. Everyone knew who I was and wanted to say hi because yet again I am an "interesting case" as in no one has had a post surgery stroke in a long time. Thankfully all went well and they kept me over night for observation just to be on the safe side. They removed the stent but put in a temporary one that I was to have out on the 18th March. Covid was really ramping up here in Ireland between the two dates. On the 16th at 5.55pm I got a text to say the removal was cancelled. I tried to call the advice line straight away but it was closed and the next day to because it was St Paddys day. On the morning of the 18th my appointment was to have been at 10am. I called when I woke at 10am to see when I could have the stent out as it has a max of two weeks before it needs to be out. Af

Update long post Sorry!

So we are about eight weeks into 2020. Out of those eight weeks there was one week where I didn’t have an outpatients appointment, physio appointment, GP visit. What a life!   So at the beginning of January I finally met with the cardiologist  about the hole in my heart that was discovered when I had my stroke. It was one of the most frustrating appointments I have ever had because we were left waiting for an hour in the exam room while the Doctor Who was the  grouchiest  doctor I think I’ve ever met to go and talk to the main consultant . In fact  pissed me off so much that I have made a complaint. I have 25 years of experience of these kind of appointments and I have never felt like I was taking up somebody’s time or so unimportant as I did with thi s.    Anyway the outcome was they are not going to close the hole in my heart. When I had the stroke there was a random clot in my  aorta  and they have no idea why it was there how it got there and they haven’t seen it before.